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Immanuel Lutheran College毕业证样本

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Immanuel Lutheran CollegeSamples of graduation certificates Dealing with Graduation Certificate Purchase of a diploma

学校信息 School information 学校类型:公立、中学 特色专业: 地址:126-142 Wises Road,Buderim, QLD, 4556

  Immanuel Lutheran College is a P-12 co-educational school located on an idyllic campus on the 'surf side' of Buderim, in the centre of the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

  Founded in 1979, Immanuel is the longest established independent school on the Sunshine Coast.  We are suitably proud of our excellent facilities and highly acclaimed academic, pastoral, cultural, service and sporting achievements.

  We invite you to browse through our website and find out what personifies an Immanuel student.  Please contact us for further information or to arrange a tour of the College.

  At Immanuel Lutheran College, every day is an Open Day.

  Immanuel Lutheran College is an independent school which has forged a reputation for excellence that goes well beyond the academic results of our students. Whilst our enviable academic record is fostered and celebrated, our College takes equal pride in focusing on the well-being and development of the 'whole' child, in line with Gospel principles.

  Just as a young child starting to walk must learn the importance of balance, so too must all our students as they take their first steps towards independence. Providing that balance is essential and means placing equal emphasis on each student's academic, cultural, social, spiritual and pastoral development.

  The core values of the community play a vital role in this development and Immanuel strives to provide an environment where students are valued as individuals, where they are inspired to learn and where they develop a spirit of service, both to each other and to the wider community.

  Our Mt Binga outdoor education program is an excellent example of our inclusive approach. Situated on the picturesque Blackbutt Range, our Mt Binga campus caters for our Year 10 students, following a program that is inspiring and challenging, and which presents myriad opportunities for deep learning, personal development, authentic leadership, spiritual awakening and an appreciation for the environment we are called to steward.

  We have a proud heritage of nurturing independent thinkers and strive to foster each student within the College community, while ensuring the essential values of respect, care, trust and empathy are hallmarks by which our actions meet our Mission.

  Core Values and Beliefs

  Centrality of the Gospel

  We acknowledge God’s Word as the authority and guide for the community. In it Christ is revealed, providing the centre of all we do under God’s grace.

  Worth of the Individual

  We believe each person in the community is important, their worth attested by Christ and should be able to reach their potential: academically, spiritually, physically, culturally and socio-emotionally.


  Our aim is to strive for excellence in an education which is authentic, life-related and future-orientated.

  Importance of Relationships

  We believe that in Christ all are equal, regardless of race, ability, gender or physical nature, and are committed to each other in caring, just, supporting, encouraging and forgiving relationships.


  We believe that we are to serve one another and the community.

  Respect for the environment

  We believe that the natural environment is to be preserved and protected as we interact with it.

  Sense of Community

  We believe that Immanuel is enriched as we develop school pride and spirit and as we interact with the wider community.

  College Motto

  The College motto, Walk as Children of the Light, points us in the direction we must be going. We have to more fully come to know Jesus Christ, who is the Light of the World, and to know what it means to be “Children of the Light”. The motto tells us then to be what we are, and thus a major objective of the College is to expose its students to the Light of the World and His plan for them.

Immanuel Lutheran CollegeSamples of graduation certificates Dealing with Graduation Certificate Purchase of a diploma