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Woodvale Senior High SchoolSamples of graduation certificates Dealing with Graduation Certificate Purchase of a diploma

学校信息 School information 学校类型:公立、中学 特色专业: 地址:110 Woodvale Drive, Woodvale WA 6026

  Woodvale Senior High School opened in 1985 with approximately 200 Year 8 students from the suburbs of Kingsley,Woodvale and Edgewater located some 20km north of the city.

  The catchment area for the school encompasses the middle socio-economic range suburbs of Kingsley and Woodvale and is defined by the boundaries formed by Wanneroo Road and the Mitchell freeway in an east-west alignment and Ocean Reef Road to the north. The south border is in line with the cycle path from Montessori Place to the Mitchell Freeway in Kingsley.

  A range of community facilities is close at hand including sporting venues, public library and shopping centres. The Craigie Leisure Centre, which provides excellent swimming and indoor facilities, is a kilometre or so away, with the ocean (Hillarys Marina) a further 10 minutes along Whitfords Avenue.

  The vast majority of students are well supported at home with the school facing few behavioural problems as a consequence. All students wear uniforms, parents are generally supportive of the school and there is a well documented perception in the community that Woodvale is a desirable place in which to have one's child educated.

  Academically, Woodvale students perform at a level above the State average. The Academic Extension Programme receives good community support, the Music Program sees 20% of the population participating in an instrumental program and the school each year presents a number of students who do well in the WACE Examinations.

  Physical facilities are equal or better than any government school and, in all but a few cases, non government schools. In particular, the campus wide Information Technology Network provides a wide range of digital media capabilities and professional level software, and is noteworthy in that it compares favourably with any of the best equipped schools in the nation.

  Over the years the school has gathered together an experienced and dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff. Staff turnover, for a number of reasons is minimal.

  This Year

  Enrolment for the past several years has been consistently around 1450 students across all year groups.

  The school will offer a complete range of courses for all years. Facilities are of a high standard and a number of special programs are offered.

  Personal contact is an important feature of the school. Students will be able to closely identify with various members of the staff via the system of contact classes and the house system. Contact with parents is welcome at all times.

  Those students who are returning in the new school year and those who are entering for the first time, are most welcome. It is hoped that each of you will be proud to be a student at Woodvale and that when the time comes for you to leave, you will do so with a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

  School time for the students starts at 9:00am and finishes at 3:20pm daily, except for Wednesday when students may leave at 2:40pm. (Buses still run at 3:20pm).

Woodvale Senior High SchoolSamples of graduation certificates Dealing with Graduation Certificate Purchase of a diploma

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