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Traralgon CollegeSamples of graduation certificates Dealing with Graduation Certificate Purchase of a diploma

学校信息 School information 学校类型:公立、中学 特色专业: 地址:154-184 Grey Street,Traralgon, VIC 3844

  Over the past six months Maths classes at both the Senior Campus and Junior Campus have been introduced to, and increasingly using Manga High.  Manga high is an online maths program that includes a full range of Maths tutorials and games.

  Teachers and students have really enjoyed participating in the maths challenges explored so far. Some students have jumped right in and are fiercly competing for the leader board, frequently asking for more challenges!!!  The increase in engagement and application towards maths shown by some students who find it difficult to focus and apply themselves in this subject has been excellent, and probablyt the most rewarding outcome at this early stage.

  Manga high also includes challenges against other schools (called "Fai-To's). So far we have participated in one and defeated Kingston Grammar School in England.  We are currently ranked 32nd in Australia (we reached 17th at one point).  Students also try to achieve shields (Gold, Silver or Bronze) in the various challenges, and top three students in the class, school or challenge are often posted on the school site.

  Students, log in at:! - you will need a user name and password.  Ask your maths teacher if you do not have yours yet!

  Year 10: Preparation for final years of study

  Year 10 is considered a preliminary VCE year where students can prepare for their VCE /VCAL studies. It forms a bridge between the middle years of schooling and their senior years. This is reflected in the general curriculum structure of Year 10 and also by the attitudes and achievement expected from students.

  VCE: Victorian Certificate of Education

  As a senior campus, the College offers a wide range of studies accredited by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

  VCAL: Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

  This alternative qualification for Years 11 and 12 students is focused on applied learning. Flexible learning

  programs are made up of accredited VCE and VET units, personal development units and work related

  units accredited by the Victorian Qualifications Authority.

  The VCAL will improve students’ access to pathways into further education, training and employment.

  Early Start

  Students in Year 10 can undertake unit 1 and 2 VCE

  studies and Year 11 students can undertake unit 3 and 4

  VCE studies in some subject areas.

  VET: Vocational Education and Training

  A diverse range of nationally accredited Vocational Programs are available. See the VET Handbook for more information.

  ASBA: Australian School Based Apprenticeships

  A variety of career paths are available as part-time apprenticeships where students spend time in the workforce and at school each week.

  Enhancement Studies

  Students in Year 12 who have successfully completed a VCE Unit 3 & 4 sequence in year 11, may be eligible to undertake.

Traralgon CollegeSamples of graduation certificates Dealing with Graduation Certificate Purchase of a diploma

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